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The steel rule die is the most common type of cutting die in use in the graphic arts trade. In nearly all applications, the steel rule die is an excellent choice. Steel rule dies can be made for use in either flat bed or rotary die presses. They accomplish the cutting or trimming job in an economical manner.

A wide variety of steel rule blades are used in steel rule dies. Different blade configurations, hardness, and/or special features for different applications are available. Any good steel rule diemaker knows the many choices and how to apply them to a special situation. At Redkeys, we are aware of the many tooling options, blade options and die constructions. We use the types of tooling that will best accommodate your production requirements.

At Redkeys Dies, Inc. we use only the finest imported plywood: Finland Birch which has 13 layers. You can be sure we at Redkeys will surpass your standards since our employees are greatly experienced.

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Copper Dies

Copper dies provide great quality for 100 to 100’s of thousand impressions. They are recommended over magnesium dies especially for designs with fine lines or detail. Copper is also good for embossing with a shallow, somewhat rounded appearance.

When ordering dies, provide Illustrator EPS or PDF files with instructions. If you wish to provide film, blind embossing dies require a positive film, emulsion side up. Flat foil stamping or combination dies require a negative film, emulsion side up.

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Foil stamping is truly a value-added process. The cost of adding a color with foil is, in manycases, less expensive than adding an additional color of ink. If your design is properly structured, you can stamp multiple colors of foil in a single pass, for great cost effectiveness. More importantly, the perceived image is greatly enhanced beyond normal expectation of inks – even metallic inks can’t equal the richness and saturation of color found in foils.